Pure natural water, in the heart of nature
About Kirishima Factory

On average, a standard cosmetic product comprises between 70 to 80% of water.
Water is the most important element and has a big impact on the quality of the cosmetics.
Kagoshima proved to be the ideal place where Natural’s concept “manufacturing cosmetics surrounded
by deep nature and natural pure water” fulfills.

About Kirishima

Deep nature known as “gods’ home”

Kirishima’s majestic mountain range was designated as Japan’s first national park.
With breathtaking nature, ample variety of hot springs and the mystic atmosphere, Kirishima is referred to as “the land where gods descended”.

Kirishima Jingu symbolizes the prefecture’s deep connection to mythology and it’s well known as a power spot (sacred place).
The shrine’s red vermillion painted pavilions surrounded by deep green forest takes you to the ancient times creating a mysterious solemn atmosphere.
It said that the grandson of the Sun goddess descended from heaven to rule over the Earth in this location.

Kirishima, a living myth.
The deep nature, pure water and crisp air all meet in this majestic place.

Natural’s Kirishima Factory is located in the immediate vicinity of nature.

OEM manufacturing of cosmetics and quasi drugs
We respond promptly regardless small lots to large scale production.

Steps in Cosmetics Manufacturing

The manufacturing, production control, and quality supervision departments work together on improving quality on a daily basis.

Manufacturing Process

The entrance to the laboratory is equipped with an air shower designed to remove the finest dust particles
from the work equipment.

  • 1Raw materials receiving inspection

    We start with a microbiological test of the delivered materials and strictly check the quality, properties, and color tone of all shipments received.

  • 2Weighing

    The raw materials are weighed according to the formulation of the product.

  • 3Bulk manufacturing

    In order to manufacture the products, according to each formulation, they will be subjected to operational processes such as heating dissolution, raw materials blending (melting, dissolution), incorporation stirring, refrigeration.
    During each operational process we carefully check the inside of each tank and the compositional properties, monitoring every stage manufacturing in great detail.

  • 4Quality inspection of bulk product

    The inspection is carried out by the quality control department.
    Only content that has passed the quality assurance checks proceed to the next process.

  • 5Container air cleaning operation

    In order to prevent contamination by foreign matter, each container is cleaned with air.
    During this process labels are checked for proper labeling, missing letters and dirt on the printing.

  • 6Filling and Packing

    Fill the container with the accepted bulk product.
    The filled products are taken to the packaging room by conveyor, where our experienced staff will pack them by hand.

  • 7Products inspection

    Samples of finished products will be randomly selected for quality control inspections.

Finished Product

※Manufacturing process varies depending on the product.


Only the finished products approved by Quality Control will be shipped.
To avoid any form of damage during transportation, we carefully devised measures regarding packing such as the way of placing the products in the box, cushioning materials, the size of outer box, etc.
We developed a sturdy package to protect the products during transportation.

Kirishima factory covers a variety of
products such as

  • toner
  • cream
  • serum
  • emulsion
  • makeup remover
  • facial mask
  • foam soap
  • peeling
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • UV protection cream
  • body cream

And others.