OEM Manufacturing Process

We value「Raw Materials」「Quality」「Realization」
Responding to our customers’ needs.

Specializing in OEM manufacturing, since our establishment we have been planning and developing cosmetics using natural raw materials.
We quickly respond to your diverse needs and deal with rapidly changing market trends.
Fulfilling many requests for repeat orders and new product development, we have gained our customers’ trust.

Manufacturing Process

  • step.1Inquiry/

    Start by sharing with us the desired product’s characteristics such as target market, concept, effectiveness, image,
    the available budget and the delivery date you want to commercialize.

  • step.2Planning/Proposal

    We develop proposals that meet our customers’ requirements based on the latest information regarding raw materials and the market trends.

  • step.3Sample Product Development

    During planning, we will develop a sample of the product giving special consideration to the budget, product stability, safeness, and specifications.
    We go through several improvements following the criteria above.

  • step.4Sample Evaluation

    Submit the sample product.
    Our customer will evaluate and sample the usability of the created sample (testing use feeling, the texture, etc.) and we will modify it in order to satisfy customer’s requirements.

  • step.5Packaging Materials/
    Design Proposal

    Designs are chosen by considering the bulk’s compatibility and the product’s container.
    We can also propose to you cosmetic product containers, packaging and the design.

  • step.6Estimate Proposal/
    Delivery Period

    We will submit an estimate proposal covering all the detained contents
    agreed upon.
    We then proceed with the final
    confirmation according to the
    production lot, the delivery date and the order placement.


  • step.7Manufacturing

    We prepare the ingredients and the materials based on the order contents and finally start the manufacturing.
    Taking in consideration the specified delivery date we will proceed with the defined manufacturing process under a thorough quality supervision.

  • step.8Delivery

    The finished product will be shipped on time to
    the pre-designated delivery